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the flirtation becomes a political uproar overnight when two Congressmen tie these gifts to the emergency federal aid given to the poverty-stricken Dominican Republic.After Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) phone sex messages with a mysterious woman known as “Miss X” were exposed, he was plagued by accusations that he had cheated in his former relationship with Viann Zhang (張馨予).To save money from hotel costs, Ron even urged Cathryn to stay at his apartment.” The insider was a man who was friends with both Ron and Cathryn.Ron’s Text Messages to Cathryn Revealed We Chat text message exchanges between Ron and Cathryn were revealed, in which Ron sent a photo on May 20th of himself laying topless on his bed.” Asked to verify whether his We Chat account matched what the reporter had in possession, Ron said, “Yes, but I will not respond.” Speaking with , Ron said, “Just because we saw each other several times does not mean she (Cathryn) is my girlfriend. ” Cathryn expressed her disappointment that Ron did not acknowledge her as his girlfriend. It turns out that we are only This article was revised on August 11, 2012 at AM. You may use the content online and for your non-commercial, personal use only.Earlier versions of the article stated that pianist Li Yundi is of Malaysian origin, which has been revised to reflect that Mr. Copying these materials for anything other than your personal use is a violation of copyright laws.

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The 48-year-old life coach and former model is media mogul Oprah Winfrey's favourite relationship expert and the go-to girl for every A-list couple in a crisis (although maddeningly she's tightlipped about who).

The pair reportedly met at a bar, in which Ron immediately introduced himself to the beautiful Cathryn.

After exchanging phone numbers, it was understood that the pair had dated for 6 months.

Photos of her in a dress with a plunging backside earned her many fans, who branded Cathryn as “Piano Goddess.” At one of Cathryn’s piano performances, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) assistant was mesmerized by Cathryn’s beauty and invited her to join the entertainment industry two years ago.

Cathryn has appeared in several movies and television productions in Malaysia and Singapore. According to , Ron Ng met Cathryn when he travelled to Malaysia at the end of last year.

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