Mitchell 300 dating

After Garcia’s involvement, the 300C was manufactured again in the eighties for European distribution.

Since the only difference between this reel and the 300 series is bearings in both the Rotating Head and the Handle axis, we assume the “C” stands for this difference.

These were less expensive copies of the Mitchell 320, 324, 300, 316 and 386 series reels sold in the seventies.

The letter "C" suffix on model numbers was first used in 1968 on the 300C designed and distributed by Garcia USA only.

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All have gold plating on certain components, a plate on the reel for engraving the owner’s name and a wooden presentation box.

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Visit our The letter "A" Suffix after model numbers on some Mitchell spinning reels marks the transitional period away from Garcia’s involvement with Mitchell along with other transitions to the looks and mechanics of these same reels.

This is not to be confused with the AP Suffix on model numbers. The first release was the Mitchell 314 series inscribed with only Super BHV.

(Updated October 5th, 2008 by JP Gumprich)Three Mitchell reels were made by Mitchell in France for exclusive sale by Le Bazar de L’Hotel de Ville commonly called B. A Mitchell 300 and 306 with only BHV inscribed was produced later. V is just across the street from the Hotel de Ville in Paris, France.

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