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In the menu, scroll down and click on 'Start Server' to begin streaming. Go to the ipwebcam app and click on Cloud Streaming.Position the mobile covering the area you want to stream. You will see an option to link the ivideon account.

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Im on my 3rd cam plus right now and its dying consistently every after 3 to 7 days of use.I had to watch a video on Android Authority to figure it out.I appreciate that LG thinks we're smart enough to figure this out on our own, but it's really not that straightforward. I like that I can press a button to take video without getting that initial jiggle, and the same for zooming.Although it still worked I did not want to use it since it was not fully secure and would risk breaking it further.I was very upset to have such a wonderful product but have it be so poorly made that it broke after carefully attaching and removing it only a few times and being unable to fix it I connected the cam plus and the phone didn't react at all.

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