Most intimidating athletes

Many are bigger than the average human, they have insane workout schedules, eat more than what a doctor would suggest and can be downright imposing. But when I’m out there on the field, it’s time to play.”Seeing his gentleman side is much safer.The physical appearance of these athletes is enough to make a typical person ball up in a cocoon and not come out until the coast is clear. I'm assuming he's like a Teddy Bear and the type of guy who will pick you up after flatting you like a pancake..“When people ask, ‘Antonio, are you mean? Louis Nix had as much of an impact on Notre Dame's success last season as anybody else.This is not a greatest athletes list, but simply looking at it from a genetic standpoint.Most of these guys worked hard to get to where they were, but a maximal genetic envelope often plays the biggest role in this list.In doing so, they did one thing that I find to be completely ridiculous – they only picked guys who aren’t playing anymore.Just because guys are still in the League shouldn’t preclude them from being selected.Most secondary players hate tackling running backs, but we’re guessing defensive lineman and linebackers are even afraid of seeing “AD” in the open field.

Besides excelling in baseball, Winfield was a star basketball player at Minnesota and helped win the school’s first title in 53 years.

Here’s their list: Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Michael Jordan Shaquille O’Neal Charles Barkley Alonzo Mourning Patrick Ewing Karl Malone Bill Laimbeer Dennis Rodman I don’t think this list is all that bad, except – and I’m a Knick fan – Patrick Ewing shouldn’t be in there. He was a good shot-blocker during his day, but his spot belongs to Ben Wallace.

He had two of the greatest defensive seasons ever, averaging 13 boards and 3.5 blocks per game during the 2000-01 season, and 15.4 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per game during the 01-02 campaign. Would you say that Le Bron makes the list simply because he is such a physical freak?

The biggest surprise you will notice is that Michael Jordan is not on this list.

Jordan became the world’s greatest athlete but he possessed a combination of imperfections.

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