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It's typical in this society that is so conscious of being number one and winning; the most you can really get out of it is a four-year run, just the same as in the political arena.

The first year, there's the courtship prior to the election – prior to, say, the first platinum album.

In a time when the record-buying public was rewarding craftsmen, Mitchell seemed to be steadfastly carrying the torch for art.

Her sales suffered, but this direction was leading to a historic juncture in her career.

When Mingus died on January 5th this year, Mitchell continued writing and recording and finally finished in late spring.

Including tape recordings of Mingus' voice as segues between tracks, she eventually chose to simply title the album ' Mingus.' About marketing an all-jazz Joni Mitchell album, Elektra/Asylum Chairman of the Board Joe Smith says this: "She has taken a chunk out of her career and accomplished something truly monumental.

From folk ballads, through Woodstock-era anthems to jazz-inflected experimentation, Joni Mitchell had influenced a generation of musicians.

She entered the office of her manager, Elliot Roberts, one afternoon and sat down on a sofa. I figured, these guys have been reading my press or something.She wore no makeup, a tan blouse and slacks."Let's turn the tape on," she said, addressing my recorder. [] But as far as shattering preconceptions, forget it."I'm ready to go."An enthusiastic conversationalist, Joni Mitchell speaks quickly and purposefully, structuring her thoughts like a writer's third draft. I keep saying, ' Mama, Amy Vanderbilt killed herself. I feel that the art is there for people to bring to it whatever they choose.Then suddenly you become the king or queen of rock & roll.You have, possibly, one favorable year of office, and then they start to tear you down. My goals have been to constantly remain interested in the music. That's why this project with Charles [Mingus] was such a great opportunity. "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" was the one we decided on immediately.

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