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Bernard Lewis states that "The collection and recording of Hadith did not take place until several generations after the death of the Prophet.

During that period the opportunities and motives for falsification were almost unlimited." The main feature of hadith is that of Isnad (chains of transmission), which are the basis of determining authenticity of the reports in traditional Islamic scholarship. Brown points out, the Hadith Tradition is a "common sense science" or a "common sense tradition" and is "one of the biggest accomplishments in human intellectual history…

D Karl-Heinz Ohlig comes to the conclusion that the person of Muhammed was not central to early Islam at all, and that at this very early stage Islam was in fact an Arabic Christian sect which had objections to the concept of the trinity, and that the later hadith and biographies are in large part legends, instrumental in severing Islam from its Christian roots and building a full-blown new religion.

The hadith collections include traditional, hagiographic accounts of the verbal and physical traditions of Muhammad.

The shortest form of the Shahada would be translated: The first part of the Shahada predates Islam.

A monotheistic Arabian group called the Sabians recited “La ilaha illallah” (“There is no god but Allah”) as their confession of faith.

This Quran is located in the small Telyashayakh mosque in Tashkent. Puin's initial study of ancient Quran manuscripts found in Yemen led him to conclude that the Quran is a "cocktail of texts", some of which may have been existent a hundred years before Muhammad.

He later stated that "these Yemeni Qur'anic fragments do not differ from those found in museums and libraries elsewhere, with the exception of details that do not touch the Qur'an itself, but are rather differences in the way words are spelled." Puin has stated that he believes the Quran was an evolving text rather than simply the Word of God as revealed in its entirety to Muhammad in the seventh century A.

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