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Once you have created the account, simply login, select the mutual fund scheme, chose an SIP date and submit your request. Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs have become extremely popular among mutual fund investors.Are you planning to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in an equity mutual fund scheme, but dreading the paper (and leg) work?Well, you don't have to deal with papers or exercise your leg.But, there is a statutory limitation which won't allow you to invest more than Rs 50,000 in a financial year if you haven't submitted your PAN details.The limit can be enhanced anytime by submitting PAN.The most important contribution of SIPs is the financial discipline it imparts on investors' life as they compel investors to invest regularly irrespective of the market conditions.Here are three easy steps in which you can start an SIP in a mutual fund scheme.

You simply have to click on the ekyc link and follow the steps.

You can start an SIP with a frequency of your choice: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, among others.

Most investment advisors ask investors to invest in equity mutual funds only through SIPs as it will help them to average their purchase cost and maximise returns.

However, a sizeable number of individuals are still confused about SIPs. Several individuals do not know how to start an SIP.

An SIP is a simple tool that helps you to invest regularly in mutual funds.

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