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Fledging doesn't mean the nestlings are on their own, however.

The new nest is located about 500ft east of the old one.

Located right next to Trout creek, the nest is about 70ft up in the fork of a cottonwood tree.

Thank you everyone who watched the cam and commented! 5/24/2017: Early in the morning, the nestlings were banded by Boise State University students from Dr. We can confirm that we have three females and one male nestling, and all four appear to be in good condition.

The nest is about 4ft long/wide and about 3ft deep.

For more information about the eagles, this camera or to make a donation please visit

We just finished our sixth year of providing a window into a wild kestrel nest.

This box has fledged a total of 32 kestrels so far!

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