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You probably recall the San Bernardino attack initially being described as “workplace violence.” The “underwear bomber” in 2009 was initially reported as someone attempting to set off firecrackers on a plane.

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The perpetrators didn’t just doctor screenshots from CNN; they also created fully functional clones of the websites of Louisiana TV stations and newspapers.In many cases, the human resources department may report to them.The powerful predators have the financial resources to offer settlements, and they have enough powerful allies to smear or blacklist any accuser.As the virtual assault unfolded, it was complemented by text messages to actual residents in St. It must have taken a team of programmers and content producers to pull off. “My dad introduced him as, ‘He’s new to the United States, and he’s going to stay with us,’” said Bekhzod Abdusamatov, 22. Saipov, the suspect in the terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan that killed eight people on Tuesday, arrived from Tashkent — the Uzbek capital and its largest city — knowing little English, Mr. Three officials said he had come to their attention as a result of an unrelated investigation, but it was not clear whether that was because he was a friend, an associate or a family member of someone under scrutiny or because he had been the focus of an investigation. Yes, yes, I’m oversimplifying, no doubt there are many cases of unprovoked violence and mistaken identity and other unjust outcomes. Instead of women relying on other males for protection, today’s working women have . If the boss sticks his tongue in her mouth, she’s supposed to go to the human resources department.Perhaps those erroneous initial reports are genuine errors and confusion about a breaking news story. Over the last two years, a terrorism investigation by the F. I., the Department of Homeland Security, the New York Police Department and federal prosecutors in Brooklyn resulted in charges against five men from Uzbekistan and one from Kazakhstan of providing material support to ISIS. We don’t want every workplace dispute settled with fisticuffs. If he threatens that she will never work in her profession again if she speaks about his repulsive behavior, she’s supposed to ignore the threat and go to the human resources department, because the HR department is supposed to protect her from the threatened retaliation.

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