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I don’t think anyone can say that a game that formerly would have been on TV now is moved to Gold.” Criticism of the platform was amplified when a glitch during Saturday morning Premier League games in late September caused the streaming platform’s back end to crash.

NBC apologized at the time, and offered rebates to some fans.

So [we’re] trying to figure out, how do we remunerate the rights we paid for?

Direct-to-consumer [subscription video] with NBC Sports Gold is going to be an important part of that.” You might have noticed Cordella’s use of the word “remunerate.” It wasn’t accidental.

And more loudly, the NBC Sports Northwest regional channel launched subscription streaming for a package of Portland Trail Blazers games.

There are a lot of cord-cutters in the American soccer community.

But when the new Premier League streaming deal was announced, an even louder chorus of fans came out of the woodwork.

“We have conviction that this is the right business model around the Premier League, and the other sports we’ve added to NBC Sports Gold,” Cordella said.

“The media world is continuing to shift, and TV ratings aren’t what they used to be, and certainly subscriber levels haven’t been as high as they’ve been in the past.

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