Not dating republicans

Republicans still don’t have the votes, even with three Democrats—Sens.

Bob Casey (PA), Joe Donnelly (IN), and Joe Manchin (WV)—likely willing to again cross party lines.

And one of them isn’t Lindsey Graham,” a senior Republican aide tells Caitlin Owens. Morbidly hilarious confirmation of this grim assessment can be found in a series of interviews with Republican senators by Vox’s Jeff Stein.

Asked to explain what problems Graham-Cassidy would solve, its advocates resort to threadbare generalities.

Graham-Cassidy shirks the problem by sending money to states and letting them deal with the problem. The utter lack of seriousness with which the governing majority has taken its responsibility is an open secret in Washington.

“If there was an oral exam on the contents of the proposal, graded on a generous curve, only two Republicans could pass it.

An unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban scheduled for a vote in the U. House of Representatives next week likely won’t get far in the U. of the 60-vote threshold to pass most controversial legislation without a potential derailment in the form of a filibuster.

They’ve had months and months since the November election. It is a deadline to use a legislative maneuver that severely constricts their policy options but would allow them not to negotiate with Democrats.

The latest gambit to repeal Obamacare reflects the tensions of a party caught in a lie.

Trent Franks, Reproductive rights, Republicans, Susan B.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that Senator Bill Cassidy, who had earlier appeared on his program and made a series of promises of what any replacement to Obamacare must do for the sick and poor, violated every single one of his promises. More damning than Kimmel’s indictment is Cassidy’s response: Can you imagine being accused on national television of sponsoring a law that would hurt millions of people, and lying about its effects, and your response is “We have a deadline”?

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