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Therefore, it is probably best to leave your camera at home.

Friendships develop as families spend time at the same campgrounds each year.

One thing to keep in mind about nude camping is that in order to pitch a tent and enjoy all of the activities provided, most nudist campsites require visitors to join the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

The membership fee varies widely depending on the type of membership you wish to purchase and entitles you to the AANR newsletter, among other benefits.

Many sites allow for RV camping as well and have electric and water hook-ups.

Generally, campsites are open from April to October.

Some of the more popular nudist campsites include: Many of the parks feature interesting annual activities such as talent nights, bike rides, or magic shows.

All of these, of course, are performed without clothes.

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They enjoy the freedom of relaxing and not having to worry about covering themselves with clothes.Once a member, you can find a campground that is affiliated with the organization, and camp.The overnight camping fees are about the same as they are at traditional campgrounds, ranging from to per tent per night.The campings of Funtana will remind you of comfortable large natural living rooms.In those spacious green oases, far from the noise, in peace and quiet, within the untouched natural habitat, where there is no trace of smog or stuffiness, where crickets chirp, birds sing and squirrels busily collect food for winter days, the vacation reaches its true culmination.

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