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Mr Enninful took his place as the first black male editor of British As a child, Mr Enninful moved to London with his six siblings from the Enyan Denkyira region of Ghana. I stopped him on the Tube as I was a scout for non-agency models.He first entered the fashion industry as a model, after being spotted at the age of 16 by stylist Simon Foxton. I asked him to model and he was interested but needed to ask his mum,” he told the . I don’t remember him having a burning ambition to get into fashion - I remember him wanting to go into law.He had by now decided that he wanted to see the prison built: when finished, it would be managed by himself as contractor-governor, with the assistance of Samuel.After unsuccessful attempts to interest the authorities in Ireland and revolutionary France, he started trying to persuade the prime minister, William Pitt, to revive an earlier abandoned scheme for a National Penitentiary in England, this time to be built as a Panopticon.

This scheme effectively compels the inmates to constantly control their own behavior.

The name is also a reference to Panoptes from Greek mythology; he was a giant with a hundred eyes and thus was known to be a very effective watchman.

The design consists of a circular structure with an "inspection house" at its centre, from which the manager or staff of the institution is able to watch the inmates.

It was Samuel (as Jeremy later repeatedly acknowledged) who conceived the basic idea of a circular building at the hub of a larger compound as a means of allowing a small number of managers to oversee the activities of a large and unskilled workforce.

He supplemented the supervisory principle with the idea of contract management; that is, an administration by contract as opposed to trust, where the director would have a pecuniary interest in lowering the average rate of mortality.

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