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Since you have had one outbreak, you will probably have several more over the next year.

Over time, however, your outbreaks will likely become less frequent.

Unfortunately, it usually only gets harder over time.

When they've waited until later in a relationship, many people start wondering, "Will they blame me for not talking about my herpes infection earlier?

Genital herpes is a frightening diagnosis for many people.

Society often puts out the message that people with herpes are dirty or somehow flawed.

The first thing you need to do after you've received a genital herpes diagnosis is sit down and take a breath. Do some research and learn all you can about the disease.You were probably diagnosed because you experienced an outbreak.It may have been scary and painful, but don't panic.There is medication that you can take to help: The vast majority of people with genital herpes have asymptomatic infections.If you didn't have a symptomatic outbreak within a month after you were initially infected, you may never experience genital symptoms.

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