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LITTLE BILL'S HOUSE - NIGHT Little Bill enters his house quietly, turns on a small light to help guide him down a hallway. Little Bill watches a moment in a haze then closes the door. DIRK'S PARENTS HOUSE/TORRANCE - NIGHT Dirk enters quietly, walks a hallway and goes into his room. DIRK'S ROOM - NIGHT - THAT MOMENT Dirk enters his room and begins to remove his clothes. He stands in front of his mirror, does a few flexes, some dance moves, some karate moves, etc. Posters on the walls of Travolta, Pacino, a 1976 Corvette, Bruce Lee, Hawaii, a Penthouse centerfold, Luke Skywalker, etc. Little Bill walks to the door, hesitates, then opens -- CUT TO: 8 INT. LITTLE BILL'S WIFE The fuck does it look like I'm doing? please don't, Tom, Tom, Tom -- Dial tone from the phone. FROM A BEDROOM DOOR we hear the sounds of MOANING AND GROANING. Moments later, the WAITER carrying clams on the half shell passes and CAMERA picks up with him, follows him to Jack's booth, where he presents them; WAITER Compliments of Maurice.

JACK So why don't you come back to my table, have a drink, meet some people -- DIRK I'd love to but . Jack turns his head, looks across the dance floor and sees this kid cleaning the table. He looks up, catches Jack looking back at him, then turns away, disappears into a back room. (Note: In the text Eddie Adams will be referred to as Dirk Diggler.) ANGLE, JACK'S TABLE. HOT TRAXX NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT CAMERA holds on this PACKED disco on Van Nuys Blvd. TITLE CARD: "San Fernando Valley, 1977" A CADILLAC SEVILLE pulls up to the valet area and CAMERA (STEADICAM) moves across the street, towards the car, landing close; From the Seville steps, JACK HORNER (50s) and AMBER WAVES (early 30s).

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