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Population of Karnataka - Karnataka is one of the major states of South India.

With a total population of over 66 million, Karnataka is the ninth largest state in India in terms of Population.

Bangalore is the largest city in the state with over 1 million people living there.

The state adds around 1 million people every year to its existing population.

What is the Population of Karnataka Karnataka, with a steady growth in its population every year, it is estimated that there are 64,055,400 people living in the state.

By 2012, Population of Karnataka was estimated to be 62,090,456.Current Population of Karnataka in 2016 The southern state of Karnataka is currently home to over 66,076,021 (6.6 Crores) people.Every year, Karnataka adds around 1 million people to its growing population.Religious Population in Karnataka The population of Karnataka is further divided into different religions originating in the state.Hinduism is the dominant religion with 83.9% of the population following Hindu Religion, 12.2% are Muslim, 1.9% are Christian, 0.78% are Jains, 0.73% are Buddhist, Sikhs form an mere 0.03% of the total population in the state.

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