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First of all, please remember: Russian scammers are CRIMINALS, and should be treated as such.They are not some "poor girls trying to make some money because their life is hard". Besides stealing YOUR money, they are also involved in identity thefts, forging documents, passwords cracking, braking into the online databases with confidential info, stealing credit cards and paypal accounts, making purchases with stolen credit cards online, etc..1) Sets of the real women's photos, not listed on any scamlists yet, also the ability to make personalized photos on you request. 2) Sets of the letter templates, plus the inserts on different topics, to personalize letters.One set of templates inserts - -120 3) stolen credit cards numbers and stolen paypal accounts to pay on the dating sites. 7) anonymous pickup money via Western Union or Money Gram. 8) opening of the overseas bank accounts for a direct deposit of money by men.I will send you Western Union 40% from the total price of gifts that they buy from me.My store accepts credit cards, which is very important.

The pictures may be simply stolen, or sometimes the girls on the pictures are real and involved in scams.Each group has its own "pattern" of behavior, for example: the "writer" of one group usually repeats the words, like "that that", "to to" etc..The funny part is, when this person speaks on the phone she also repeats the words! In another group, they like to name their computers like "Hell", "Demon", "Immortal", etc..The databases are sorted by countries, cities, genders and ages. We also offer the databases of males and females separately. Yet, another one, even worse: Hello, I am the owner of a site which sells flowers and gifts, with shipping to Russia.More detailed info you can get after contacting us at e-mail: [email protected], ICQ support 321-436-014. I offer: 1) Your American buys you gifts through my online store, I don't send the gifts anywhere and we split the money.

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