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They are used to record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling behaviour, along with the entire contents of the pages you visit, and send them to third-party servers.

This image shows a replay of the dummy session, which reveals all of the information typed in by the user Researchers from Princeton University identified four main vulnerabilities resulting from the use of 'session replay' scripts:1. The scripts record the entire contents of a page as it is used, another avenue for data falling into the wrong hands.4.All of the services studied attempt to prevent password leaks by automatically excluding password input fields from recordings.However, mobile-friendly login boxes that use text inputs to store unmasked passwords are not redacted by this rule, unless the publisher manually adds redaction tags to exclude them.The recordings leave users vulnerable to data breaches and leaks.'This may expose users to identity theft, online scams, and other unwanted behavior.

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