Outlook exchange folder not updating

As new mailbox servers are added to the org, they will be picked up when the servicelet runs and be added to the key.Again, if you manually change this regkey, you should expect to be bulldozed by the servicelet.

Note that setting this value to 0 turns off the Rpc Http Configurator.Outlook Anywhere depends on the RPC/HTTP Windows component to do the marshalling and unmarshalling of the RPC packets from the client to the CAS server.A client side RPC component is responsible for marshalling every RPC packet into an HTTP tunnel and sending it over to the \rpc vdir on the CAS server.As you see above, the client specifies the VIP of the Load balancer (or direct CAS FQDN if the CAS is exposed to the Internet) as the HTTP endpoint and the mailbox server as the RPC endpoint.The query string is somewhat like this: This tells the RPCProxy on CAS1 that the client is trying to connect to server mbx1.on port 6001.

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