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The interviewees’ ages (at the time of undergoing conversion therapy) ranged from 15 to 35.Among 17 interviewees, three went through conversion therapy at private psychiatric clinics, 13 underwent conversion therapy in state-run hospitals, and one received so-called "treatment" at both a public hospital and a private clinic.The names and identifying details of those with whom we spoke have been withheld to protect them from government reprisal.We have used pseudonyms for all interviewees, including those who had gone through conversion therapy, as well as their family members, and activists.They should prohibit the forced admission of individuals without mental disease or disorder into psychiatric facilities, and establish disciplinary and accountability mechanisms to address abusive and unethical medical and psychiatric practices.Public and private health facilities should not be permitted to provide treatments that are ineffective, unethical, and harmful, including conversion therapy.Some said their parents took them forcibly to hospitals for such therapy: Chinese society continues to strongly favor children who can pass on their family name.For individuals who are gay or lesbian, this creates intense family pressure to enter heterosexual marriages and have children.

Despite a legal framework that requires that the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders comply with diagnostic standards and standards on the categorizations of mental disorders, Chinese authorities have not taken the necessary steps to stop public hospitals or private clinics from offering conversion therapy.As homosexuality is not an illness, there is no need for a cure.This report is based on interviews conducted between September 2016 and April 2017.We interviewed parents of two individuals who went through conversion therapy involuntarily, the friend of a gay man who had been subjected to conversion therapy, as well as four Chinese activists who have worked extensively with Chinese groups advocating for the equal rights of LGBT people and who have interviewed other individuals who have undergone conversion therapy in China.The Chinese government is hostile to research by international human rights organizations and strictly limits the activities of domestic civil society organizations on human rights issues and other subjects.

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