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Our goal is to change trans dating from a daunting experience into something fun and positive.

Of all groups surveyed, bisexual women are most likely to believe that the LGBTQ community is open and supportive (62% more likely to believe this than the rest), while bisexual men are the least likely to feel like the community is open and supportive.

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"Nearly half of the LGBTQ population in America identifies as single, and a vast majority of these singles, some 80 percent, are seeking a committed relationship.

Trans offers a multitude of options that not only help you find the perfect match, but also keeps you engaged.

GROUPS & LABELS While some avoid labels based on factors like body type and relative masculinity and femininity, LGBTQ communities have many sub-cultures with specific identity categories and social conventions LGBTQ Community?

Trans is a premium transgender dating site designed for, and by, members of the transgender community.

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