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Church is on Sundays at 11am, usually followed by a meal.

The church has recently (August, 2011) changed its name (formerly GTIF Thessalomiki) and is in the rebuilding process.

You can get here by local Thessaloniki bus or take a taxi,(photo) a domed building of early 4th century A.

In 2006, a farmer accidentally uncovered the largest tomb ever found in Greece.

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki was founded to honour the rich and creative Sephardic heritage as it evolved in the city after the 15th century consequent to the horrible expulsion from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

The Museum is housed in one of the rare Jewish structures that survived the fire of 1917.

All Nations Thessaloniki is an international church comprised of Greeks, Africans, Filipinos, and various other nationalities.

Services are in English, with translation available in other languages.

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