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They brought a whole new light to the show and we hope we see their bright faces return to the show more in the future.

Not only did we have a beautiful opening number and a great panel of judges, but this week’s episode was jammed full of beautiful, sexy, inspirational, and just down right awesome dance routines.

My sentiments are best summed up by Mary, the only judge whose critiques matter after a ballroom routine: needs more steam. As for Vanessa, whose new thing is to show everybody her shoulder like she’s making eyes at them from across the club, she tells Lex, “Keep doing your thing,” which is also what I feel like telling her sometimes. Kiki and All-Star Jenna HOLY EYELINER, BATMAN, KIKI HAS A MONEY GUN AND JENNA’S IN A FUR COAT. RIDICULOUS props aside, I was Not That Into this number, which turned Kiki and Jenna into his-and-hers Jared Leto Jokers () celebrating a successful heist.

The judges went wild for this one (Mary: “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE”), but I wish they had been a little harder on Kiki, who still needs to work on getting down in the pocket (and other hip-hop terminology).

This week the judges panel grew to four and was one of the strongest panels the show has ever had.

In addition to Nigel Lythgoe and the forever lasting tamale train from Mary Murphy, we had the highly anticipated Paula Abdul and sports host Erin Andrews!

The duets kicked off with a bang, with an intense passion filled Paso Doble choreographed by Jean Marc Genereux.

His choreography lights up the stage with his striking musicality, aggressive movement and of course, insane partnering! The intensity behind their eyes resonated across the whole room.

She was once considered to be only a dancer, but she took her career up and beyond into pop music, choreography, movies, and now judging reality television. So, to share her words with the new contestants of season 10, we are sure it will impact their lives forever.He calls it “hippity-hop.” His glasses are back (and in danger).He says things like, “I hope I can tap into my inner freak.” Oh, honey.Both Erin and Paula were well-spoken, humorous, and you could feel their love of dance.We thought these two additions did a wonderful job.

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