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Someone said they had hypnotherapy but it did not work.But CBT and NLT may work Saying that this phenomenon/fetish/OCD does not hurt anyone and is Not conne ted with Pedophilia! Those spoken to expressed that they would be the first to report to the athorities if a child was being harmed in any way sexually or other.

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I have researched into this phenomonen and have asked people who indulge in wearing Nappies/Diapers and plastic pants.

Hi there my Name is Kwan Ming I've been wearing diapers since 2010, due to a sudden onset of problems with my bladder relating to my past disabilities.

I was toilet trained but wasn't completely out of diapers until I reached 5 years of age in 1985,0and until 2010 I only had a interest in wanting to wear them as I had a desire to be back in them again but this wasn't anything serious and it all seemed from years of bullying in which I was a constant victim of verbal, mental and physical abuse.

In March 2010 and completely out of the blue I started having minor accidents at work which only got worse over time at first I dismissed it as a one off but then the shit hit the fan big time and I was left with no other option to go to my doctor's for a consultation and to find out what was causing it, after numerous tests they finally came to the conclusion it was all in my mind something I refuse to accept.

I know this may not have anything to do with a getting although I have been accused of having one by people who don't know me and this hurts because I get teased and bullied something which really depresses me even more, So much so I tried to commit suicide fortunately I was stopped before I could do any real harm to myself.

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