Polyamorous dating uk

Cait said: “When we meet somebody at a bar I will usually say: ‘Hi, I’m Cait and these are my two boyfriends.’“People often ask if I’m joking.”Nine months into their relationship with Cait, Matt and Chris tied the knot but made sure Cait was right there with them.

Matt said: “Even when we got married Cait officiated the wedding, we wanted to make her the most involved as she possibly could be.”Although the trio is content now, they have all struggled with jealousy at one point in the relationship.

Cait said: “When we first got together I was struggling with the jealousy.“With having a very strong connection with Chris and sometimes feeling frustrated that I would have to split time with Matt.“But with a lot of that came a lot of insecurity, because I didn’t know where my place was in the relationship.” Matt also faced similar fears at the beginning of their romance as a throuple.

He said: “It was a struggle even for me.“The insecure part of me was like: ‘Chris loves me more because he’s been with me longer.’“But then he told me: ‘I love you just as much as I love Cait.’“So I was like: ‘I need to come to terms with that.’” Now that they have been living together for two years, the throuple are even discussing having children in the future.

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