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Anonymous social media's roots go back to 2007 when, according to a report published by CNN, Juicy Campus launched and encouraged users to spread gossip about each other instead of talking about themselves.

Under the cloak of anonymity, users willingly complied until the network fizzled out two years later.

Proponents of these apps offer several reasons why they believe the technology is good.

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Between vibrant instructors and motivational music, group classes help rev up lackluster energy levels, making them ideal for individuals who consistently find themselves skipping the gym for beers with coworkers. Ditching your friends, however, could lead to some unwanted social shunning.

Simply put, meeting workout buddies for a sweat session makes you much more likely to head to the gym.

Now, multiply that effect by, say, 20 (the number of fitness buddies counting on you to show up), and you're that much less likely to slough off your workout.

These companies admit their willingness and legal obligation to work with law enforcement officials.

Most follow procedures similar to protocol used by message boards and forums, which permit a site to verify a user's identity if necessary.

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