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The higher the bar is, the more benefits you gain from it, such as stat increases, regeneration and improved linking chances (viewable by mouseovering the bar). Purple: This mob will be nearly impossible to kill but you will get awesome exp.If it is flashing, you have “full bless”, and gain the maximum benefits from it. Gray: This mob is so hard for you to kill that they won’t even give you exp for it on the off chance you somehow succeed.A death in NM means a loss of exp, depending on how good your “bless” is. At half bless, you will lose 0%, and it alters slightly depending on levels of bless between those two points.Hard Mode: A Hard Mode player receives 7 stat points per level, which offers more room for variation and to develop your own style.The bar will fill the better your faction is doing in Pv P, and lower when it starts to do badly. Keep in mind that killing several lower level mobs without having to rest will give more exp overall then taking on one high level mobs, barely surviving, and having to rest before you are able to try to kill another one.Quests Quests are shown on the map by yellow diamonds, and completed quests indicated by blue diamonds. Don’t Pv P If you need to read this section of the guide, do not Pv P.Shaiya Fighter Guide by Wheres Lupers and Althamus Contents: Introduction Newbie section Experienced player section Stats – Since the skill section is so large, it has been covered in more depth in an alternate topic.Weapons types available to fighters Reference: Weapons Armour Capes/Mounts Grind locations Newbie Section Introduction This section of the guide was written for players who are new to Shaiya, new to fighters or even new to MMORPGs in general.

A Normal Mode player gets 5 stat points per level and 3 skill points per level. People generally play NM in order to unlock HM at level 40, but that is not always the case.

The good things first: · Fighters are close range attackers.

They rely on attacks that do large amounts of damage quickly based on their strength stat. What this means is that the attack hits every enemy in an area. These attacks come in handy when you have several mobs attacking you at once. They can take some damage and deal damage amazingly quickly, one or two-hitting many of the squishier builds. A good archer or mage (or even an int-based priest) can deal huge amounts of damage to you before you are even close enough to hit them. The skill “Stinger” can get you to an enemy quickly and stun them for a few seconds, and “Eagle Eye” will negate ranged physical (i.e. · They may be strong, but a good archer or mage can have better DPS and will be able to kill bosses faster.

· They receive 1 strength per level automatically · Fighters do not need parties. This is great so that a player does not have to wait for a party. Often a duo with a priest is a wonderful way to get good exp as the fighter can take on mobs normally too hard for him/her. The Modes One of the more unique aspects of Shaiya is the mode system.

Once you have reached level 40 (it used to be 50) in a mode, you unlock the next mode and when you make a new character will have the option to choose that new mode. Lvl 70 is the highest level possible on all modes except Easy Mode, and Ultimate Mode is the final unlockable mode.

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