Puck and rachel dating

She's acting like a little boy with a schoolyard crush. This scene didn't make it into the aired version of the pilot, but it's pretty telling. Once again, Quinn takes a shot at Rachel, and this time issues a defeminizing insult. It's clear that his position as star quarterback and her position as head cheerleader is the driving force behind their relationship.Also notice how many views that video of Rachel's has gotten. If she makes Rachel seem less feminine and more masculine, on an unconscious level, it's easier for her to reconcile her attraction to Rachel. If the driving force behind their relationship was romantic feelings, I think that Quinn would be more willing to accept Finn joining glee because it's something that makes him happy. Not necessarily, but it does illustrate something that we saw in the pilot—she seems to take no sexual interest in Finn and would simply rather control him and use him to further her own popularity. You can dance with him, you can sing with him, but you will never have him.

The celibacy club meeting is one of my favorite scenes in this episode, and here's why: Quinn: God bless the perv who invented these. She certainly seems to enjoy watching Santana twirl around in that skirt.

I would hope they would trust my talents to excel in every faction of my life, but you don’t have to brag.”Finn still looked a little confused, earning him a laugh and smack on the butt from Puck, when Blaine stepped into the middle of the group again. I just feel so-”Blaine’s speech continued, and Puck leaned into Finn, his breath on Finn’s ear making Finn shudder. We need to get outed more often.”He hooked a finger through Puck’s belt loops and tugged him a little closer.

“So…now that they all know…we could totally slip out together. We’re not…uncool or nothin’.”“It’s not that,” Finn promised out of the side of his mouth. “Motel on fifth has those towel-racks next to the tub, right?

Maybe he could get the pants down without even undoing them…he’d done it with girls before.“You have to tell everyone, though! He grabbed both their wrists, dragging them out of the closet. One step at a time to finding your true identity.”Brittany whispered something to Santana, sounding vaguely like “how does he poop? And besides,” she shifted in her seat, looking away from their eyes, “it’s kind of sexy, too.” don’t think threesomes are ‘morally repugnant’, boys.

Learned some stuff from my girls and my man over the summer, y’know.” She grinned at them, leaning back into the sofa and continuing, “Threesomes are sexy as hell.”fine.”“Wait, what’s going on?

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