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Only materials with this indicator are included in the process. The two-step picking procedure divides the stock removal process into two steps: a withdrawal step and a distribution step.

First, the total quantity of a material is removed from storage for a group of outbound deliveries and is stored temporarily in a storage type set up for this purpose (storage type 200 in standard SAP).

In the second step, transfer orders are created to divide the removed quantity among the outbound deliveries or transfer requirements contained in the group.

The system decides whether a material is relevant for two-step picking on the basis of the two-step picking indicator in the Warehouse Management 1 view.

The storage bin search for this storage type is dynamic, which means that the system generates storage bins for putaway in relationship to the activity.

Once the activity is complete, the system deletes the dynamic storage bins.

If you are doing any changes to settings in the Material Types or in the Field Selection, system resets the number range of the material types you have changed the configurations.

So you need to change the number range again in the target system where you are transporting these changes.

The settings for two-step picking for outbound deliveries are in Customizing for Warehouse Management under Logistics Execution - 2-step Picking.However, in contrast to the one-step putaway and picking processes, the creation of the dynamic storage bin is not controlled by a requirement type but rather by a special storage bin search strategy.Strategy R (“dynamic coordinate reference number”), which is assigned to storage type 200 in a standard system, ensures that the number of the outbound delivery group is used as the storage bin coordinate during putaway.You can use user exit MWM2S001 to postpone the decision as to the relevance for two-step picking until after the groups have been formed, and make the decision dependent on non-material-related criteria.menu, you can display release notes for any SAP application and release.

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