Raymond lam dating karena

When Raymond suggested they walk outside or eat dinner at a restaurant, Mavis felt it was too risky. We laid on his bed and chatted for the entire evening. Mavis noted that Raymond was often tired and they did not always engage in sexual activities.

To prevent the paparazzi from taking photos of them together, Mavis did not want to go out together. Even their first date was on Raymond’s bed at home. “Although [sex] cannot be absent, a relationship should not be entirely about [sex] either. I will not do anything intentional and will just let things happen naturally. While together, most of our time was spent hugging.” Was Raymond able to satisfy Mavis’ needs in bed?

Karena firmly said, “Everything is still normal, I won’t respond to fabricated rumors.

However when asked about the recent breakup rumors, both parties denied having gone separate way.

Through Derek, Karena as able to meet a wider group of wealthy second-generation heirs, including her latest beau.

Karena and her new mystery man were also seen holding hands and fairly dressed up for a subsequent date.

Since Raymond and Mavis spent more time apart than together, one would think that they would be unable to contain each other’s passion upon seeing each other.

However, Mavis said, “He is often tired after work. Many times, we just hugged and slept.” While dating Raymond , Mavis was very careful. I found him to be very good.” From then onwards, Mavis and Raymond spent their dates at his house.

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