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This week, a dude went on Reddit and shared his story of having sex with a coconut. But this new condom from Manforce—great name for a condom company—is out there. Although it’s a popular side dish in parts of Asia, apparently wants to taste a spicy pickle with a dick in their mouth.

Obviously, some parents are against anyone teaching their kids about the birds and the bees, but it’s 2017.You don’t need the talent of a novelist like Steinbeck to recognize that Positano is one of the most magical spots on earth.Tucked away in the Amalfi coast of Italy, it brims with beauty and seduces with its easy Mediterranean charms.Or perhaps their teacher, a former Teacher of the Year winner, will invite them over for sex parties. Vasey about what it’s like globe-trekking in search of sexual knowledge. Vasey is notably “the only person in the world with a research program dedicated to understanding the evolutionary reasons why genes associated with being gay don’t go extinct.” In this fascinating read, the two sexologists chat about passing on genes, the vast mysteries of sexual identity and far-off cultures that recognize a third gender. The thing is, we think it’s pretty damn dope that Abbi and Ilana are releasing a line of Each week, we take a sweep around the world to see what folks do when they’re feeling extra kinky. Other times it’s nature’s laws that punish them for their sexual hubris. If you can believe it, there’s even a whole sub Reddit devoted to it. Nobody Wants Your Spicy Pickle Condoms can be a tough sell.In other words, it’s better to talk about sex with your fam than read about sex and your fam in the news. creators are out here to teach men how to fuck like a feminist. Without fail, week by week, we find a few tales of humans pushing the envelope, asking questions like, “What if I stick my dick in this? Man Goes Cuckoo For Coconuts Reddit is a good place to go to have your mind blown. Thus, the condom industry is always looking for new ways to get consumers excited about safe sex. There are condoms that taste like chocolate, mint, strawberry and even whisky and bacon.

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