Rita ora dating diana ross son Libya ladyboy chat

Back in January, there were reports that he was dating Rita Ora, a claim that he denied on Twitter, saying, "These blogs aren't true.Me and Rita Ora aren't dating and we weren't making out.They reportedly went into a private dining room after a newly single Gerard paid the bill. Insiders said the following: We have yet to hear what Diana Ross makes of this, but something tells us she will be less from pleased to hear that her son is dating a trashbag who climbs herself up on the fame ladder by sleeping with stars and gaining a bad reputation to keep herself relevant. As for Ross, he becomes the latest in a growing line of famous names to get cosy with the 22-year-old Radioactive songstress. But we remained close.’ Speculation about her collection of men was torpedoed as recently as this week when Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan alleged on Twitter Ora had bedded Jay-Z.

Jay-Z’s British protégé is swapping reality lovers for the offspring of music royalty after she was clocked pashing Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross.

However, Us Weekly reports that Ashlee and Evan are just pals, with a source telling the magazine, "Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably ten years.

They know each other from the club scene and have tons of mutual friends." This isn't the first time that Evan has been linked to his famous female friends.

Evan Ross 2013 Rita was spotted kissing Diana Ross’s son at a party in New York club Gold Bar in January 2013 after meeting at a Roc Nation party the previous year.

Dave Gardner 2013 Rita dated David Beckham’s best mate just before she met Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris 2013-2014 The relationship ended badly, with Calvin forbidding Rita to use songs he had produced on her forthcoming album.

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