Romi klinger dating a guy

The only time it pisses me off when women date women and then end up with a guy or go back and forth is when they are playing games and treating women like chew toys.

You are all about branding, and Romi Dusty is just your latest hustling project.and then it's oh I've loved Dusty right from the start, always, always! It's almost like you suffer from memory loss and is bipolar.2) you just seem to wake up each day and decide you have found a new way to grab more attention, it's always. I certainly don't feel I will be any less repulsed by your fame hungry desperate antics if the situation was that you decided to get with another woman to fulfil your need to have a girlfriend to support you at a public lesbian event while you are still with your 1st girlfriend, and then subsequently get with yet another woman to fulfil your 'music dreams' right in front of 2nd girlfriend, without any respect. Dear Romi 1) people don't hate you for being a bisexual because it's an easy target, you MAKE this seem like the reason becasue it is an EASY reason to blame it all on. It's about you and your personality, the way you acted and the way you behave. she can do what she wants but go away from the gay community. Maybe we didn't see it all, because on tv you can only see one side of a story and not a real story, but that way youre talking about all the lesbians all over the world is mean. Anyone who thinks sexuality is the same for all and that lesbians can just go to men is ignorant. I get what you're saying, but Romi has had a lot of hate which is forcing her to speak on the issue. I use to love her but she is just messed up and acting like we are so bad and going on these shows talking bad about us just makes it worse. we aren't bad she is just using us and then crying because we don't like what she is doing. im white i wouldn't be on a reallity black show stay the fuck away from the gay community.

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