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' If I never work again, I'll always look back and go, 'You had a pretty good run there.'" In the end, Yates summed things up best."We went to Chicago and tested the picture, and you get these cards that everybody fills out, and this young girl had just one note."Naturally, no seven or unders wanted to have anything to do with me. They always get very excited when they meet Daniel, Rupert and Emma, obviously, and then they suddenly hide behind their parents legs when it comes to me," he said during the press conference. "When you do that big swing in the film, the sword came off the hilt and just went about 30 feet in the air. And that was because I did that." Professor Dumbledore worked blue between takes Not only did the child stars of Harry Potter grow up together during the eight films in the series, but they grew up around some of the biggest British actors from the last fifty years. "In the early days -- they've always been lovely -- but in the early days it was very much the children and the adults," Matthew Lewis said about his well-respected co-stars. As soon as you realize that, then you can start to have fun with them. Quite a leap, and one that he's glad he saw through until the end.I was just holding the hilt, looking terrified in the camera. "It goes up, and obviously, it must come down, and it landed amongst a lot of children. "As we got older, we realized we could speak to them and they wouldn't kill us. I enjoyed the last year so much more, because I was chatting to Alan Rickman about scrambled eggs and really inane things, and it was someone at work, who was a lot of fun. They are good people, and I learned a tremendous amount from them all." When it comes to Harry Potter directors, David Yates is probably glad he wasn't Alfonso Cuaron or Mike Newell David Yates went from directing the British television series State of Play and the HBO film The Girl in the Cafe to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. "I didn't want to be the director who had done the two in the middle," he said.I've sat in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, talking to assembled journalists.It's not something I expected to be doing ten years ago. Every day, I sort of have to pinch myself, or think, 'Is this really happening to me?' And of course when I put it in the movie -- and the reason Steve didn't write it in the first place is because, Voldemort would just kill Harry.[Laughs] They wouldn't stop and have a conversation." Watch the trailer in question below.

‘We’d just been soaked by an enormous bucket of water which hurt., which we had to pretend we didn’t know was going to happen but we knew was coming."I feel fortunate in that I've never really known what it's like to have total freedom and anonymity.It's not as though I had it, and all of a sudden it got taken away from me.With the exception of Daniel Radcliffe (busy singing and dancing on Broadway), the main cast members and creative team behind the beloved series spent their Sunday at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan answering questions from assembled journalists. "I've always felt this close connection to Ron, even before the films," he said."After ten years, playing the same guy every day, you naturally just morph into him.

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