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Each support circle is comprised of volunteers, and some may have once been at the centre of the circle themselves.

Volunteers offer different perspectives on staying crime-free in the community, with the hope that by gaining trust and friendships, the men will be less likely to reoffend. Co SA is not a treatment program or a mandated parole or probation condition; while it may be suggested by probation or parole officers, it’s still completely voluntary.

The national, community-based program is a support group specifically for sex offenders.

Feick says 17 of the 23 men they work with are either child porn users or direct child sex offenders.

The program works because it holds the men accountable and helps them manage their triggers long after they have committed an offence, Feick says, adding some pedophiles he works with don’t want to reoffend because it would let their circle down.“We’re not here to let them make excuses or justify anything they’ve done; we recognize that there are some terrible things that they’ve done,” he says.“But there’s still hope for all of them.” PEDOPHILIA AND OFFENDINGNot all pedophiles offend, but researchers don’t know much about them because they don’t usually show up in clinics or the criminal justice system, says Dr.

Michael Seto, a psychologist specializing in pedophilia who serves as director of forensic rehabilitation research at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group in Brockville, Ont. Offending is a choice,” says Michael Nolin, a Saskatoon lawyer who has defended clients in child porn and child sex assault cases. He says studies show life experiences, such as childhood sexual abuse, do not cause pedophilia, but they may contribute to sexual offending.

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We need to ask that, but it’s a big ask,” he says, adding the exclusive form of pedophilia is less common than the non-exclusive form.

It’s easier to treat non-exclusive pedophiles because you can focus their attention on age-appropriate relationships, Seto explains.

Treating exclusive pedophiles who don’t have any other sexual interests is a greater challenge.

While some pedophiles might view child porn as a substitute for actually touching a child, for others, it could also be an incitement, says Seto.“They start wondering what it would be like to do it for real.” Seto and his colleagues reviewed several studies involving nearly 4,500 child porn offenders and found one in eight had a criminal record for direct sexual offending.

That number increased to four in eight when it involved self-reporting.

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