Scorpios dating each other chantel o dating

She helps him embrace a sense of self, while he makes her realize that she truly cannot control or rule everything. It is everything: intimate, magical, dreamy, unique and enchanting.His intuitive way of looking at the world tends to inspire and excite this independent and strong Scorpio woman.When a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman are together, they don't need to turn to the world for happiness because they are happy when they are with each other.The caring, sensitive and vulnerable Pisces falls for the protective and secure qualities of the possessive and passionate Scorpio.She is intelligent and wise, and is often referred to as the 'frozen fire'.She is someone who has a tremendous amount of inner power just waiting to be released.They can feel deeply hurt when interacting with the other signs who are more frisky and casual in dealing with emotions.They are eternal friends but also make it a point to give each other space and not encroach too much on his/her right to relax and be alone.

They are considered to be mysterious and intense people as compared to other zodiac signs.

A Pisces man and a Scorpio woman form the most amazing and wonderful union which is compatible in all possible ways.

Their union is desirable and unique in the sense that both teach and learn vital lessons from each other.

Both are water signs and therefore are highly compatible in almost all facets of life.

A Scorpio woman's desire for intensity in love is often admired by the Pisces man, while his accommodating attitude is what she cherishes.

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