Sedating infants

In addition, the child will be watched on a camera in the MRI scanner.The nursing staff will report any movement to the doctor, in which case additional sedation may be needed. In some instances, children with certain medical conditions or characteristics cannot be given sedation medications safely and require general anesthesia.

The following are some general guidelines: To make sedation as easy as possible for you and your child, please bring anything you think will be comforting or entertaining during expected wait times.

Some children cannot remain still for an MRI scan and require medication to help them relax or sleep during the procedure.

Several factors are considered when determining if a child will need sedation, including: The radiology scheduler uses this information to determine whether sedation is necessary.

Our staff of highly trained pediatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses and child life specialists works very closely with your child and family to determine the most appropriate sedation plan.

We use multiple methods to help children tolerate their procedures, including distraction, preparation, and teaching techniques followed by sedating medications.

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