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They are not matured enough to understand if a business scheme is a scam or not. I personally will suggest don’t go for these online jobs at all.

There is no special hat they wear that they can be easily recognized.

So many people got profited from this business who had invested at the initial stage of social trade, but so many have to lose their money on it in the later stage.

If you are also involved with this and have no idea about the money you have invested in it and about the company then follow this article, we have discussed everything about social trade biz and the ponzi scam.

Till now there are more than 10 hearings are made by the court. Investigation agencies need more time to dig out the root of social trade. Justice Narayan Rao conveyed the people that the result of this case will come soon and that will be in favor of people.

When Anubhav Mittal was arrested, his supporters start telling that the SP party of UP has framed this case to hunt down Anubhav Mittal.

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