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Though being a world-class fighter when I arrived in Russia, I was regularly outperformed by individuals in their 60s and 70s - a reality hard-swallowed, but gratefully-learned!Many of the research protocols were still "classified" so I was not allowed to film or photograph some of the events, but one device indelibly recorded every one of the drills: my nervous system.Dear Friend, We're bombarded daily with one emotionally-disemboweling message: that as we age, we can expect nothing but the onset of disease and disrepair, incompetence and invalidity.But you can be FREE from this self-fulfilling prophecy! I shall reveal to you what I uncovered in my years throughout Russia, studying an ancient health system with Siberian shaman.With less than a minute you'll learn each movement, and when you perform it for 5 repetitions, you will feel fantastic instantly. I've experienced this first-hand, and so have thousands of my students world-wide, and millions more who have been touched by my system.The only people who don't benefit are the ones who have become so jaded by gimmicks that they walk on by the "Real Mc Coy" and miss out on the instant, life-transforming results of this "turn-back-the-clock" energy-enhancement mobility system.Since the only way a joint can get nutrition is through mobility, if you don't move each joint through its entire range of motion, you are starving that tissue.

They transformed millennia old health traditions into cutting-edge longevity science for their Space Program to guarantee their Cosmonauts long, healthy lives, even in the ravages of zero gravity (where all life rapidly accelerates the process of dying!We exercised 6 hours a day minimum plus 4 more in study, and each session was conducted with the sacredness of a church, mosque or ashram.What came as an incredible surprise for me was the way that my Russian mentors researched." Where I had been taught in the USA how to improve the size and strength of my muscles, my Russian teachers taught me to look to the more subtle power of the tissue which surrounds the muscle, the joints, the bones and even our organs.In this scientific "think-tank" of they had implemented this essence into their Space Program, into their Olympic Teams, and into the Special Operations Units.

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