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sukūrė filmą „Stiuardesės“ („The Stewardesses”), skirtą žiūrėti su 3D akiniais.

Tačiau visi šie kaltinimai filmui netrukdo rasti simpatijų pasaulinėje auditorijoje.

We'd driven down from Los Angeles to relax, have a good time, which only goes to show you how delusional as parents we still were.

Every time my husband wanted to head out to go bodysurfing or for a swim in the pool he'd have to sneak out of our hotel room or frantic screaming would ensue. Nothing like the rejection of a 3-year-old to make you feel really small.

I grew up in a house of rowdy boys, boys with no-nonsense masculine names like Jack and Tom and Jim. A preference for toys with an excess of body parts and names like "venom."What I was not prepared for, what caught me totally off-guard, was my son's romantic feelings for me.

In some ways this made it easy for me when my son came along, red-faced and furious and eager to devour the world. A few mornings ago I was standing in the bathroom, looking like a mean raccoon. It was so quiet and small, so unlike my son's normal full-throttle roar, I almost didn't hear it. My son was staring up at me, his huge gray eyes full of longing, his heart banging furiously in his little bony chest.

It mattered not that I, the mother, the one who had spent 30 hours in mind-altering labor, was readily available for fun and games, a romp in the pool. But by then I had another baby so I didn't have much time to brood about it.

Easy click database search on a first or last name basis.Jo džiūgavimas pagrįstas: Honkongo režisieriaus Christopherio Sun Lap Key erotinė kostiuminė drama, vos pasirodžiusi kino ekranuose, sukėlė susidomėjimą ir diskusijas visame pasaulyje.Honkonge debiutavusi „Ekstremali ekstazė 3D“ („3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy“) nušluostė nosį net rekordus rinkusiems Holivudo hitams – pirmąją dieną skandalingasis filmas surinko daugiau pajamų nei James'o Camerono „Įsikūnijimas“ („Avatar“).Kinija uždraudė Erotinių scenų gausus filmas Lietuvoje bus rodomas necenzūruotas. Britų kino klasifikavimo taryba (BBFC) liepė iš šios juostos iškirpti dvi minutes brutualaus sekso scenų.Kitose šalyse kultūros sargai nebuvo tokie tolerantiški ir geranoriški šios juostos atžvilgiu. Kritikos strėlių sulaukė ir filmo reklamos kampanija.

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