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Voluptas, nihil natoque elementum error ligula exercitationem aliquid tempor mauris penatibus. Rutrum volutpat adipiscing nascetur cras conubia cupidatat!Read Less Egestas mollitia quos metus natus assumenda ullam suscipit ultricies.Our modern gyms allow you the freedom to live your London life and stay healthy.In certain cases, facilities may be restricted for operational reasons.Shared kitchens are a great place to meet new friends in London.Singles, twins, triples and dorms are available for short term or long term bookings.North of Paddington there is a picturesque narrow boat hangout known as Little Venice.

You’ll come face-to-face with some of the world’s most famous faces. Meeting influential figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even royalty.A communal living room with seats, tables and a TV. Coin operated, state of the art washing and drying machines are available throughout the day and late into the night (typical wash price is £3.20). A quiet room with desks and data points is available for private study.Choose from a variety of fitness activities with treadmills, rowers, weights sections and cable workout stations.As well as a fixed data point as standard, we offer free high speed Wi Fi that can be accessed anywhere in the house.Each guest can access a massive 50MB used over 7 devices at any one time. This includes council tax, all utilities, incoming data line, insurance fee, general cleaning and maintenance.

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