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Despite the enticingly frank title this is actually a morality tale of a woman who is done to as she has done unto others.

The costumes and sets are deliriously bizarre and outré and the direction solid.

Even though this is a French movie with French dialogs, the title is in English.

However, I guess they have translated the title too literally.

The clapper-board on the internal movie gives the director as Jeanne Wanninger, and the DP as Bart Binnema.

Binnema is the actor playing the DP; the surname of the director Jeanne (played by Ann Parillaud) is borrowed from the actor playing her assistant, Léo.

We will link the artist's page to the account you are signed in with now.In French it would be something like: "Sex, c'est jouer la comédie", which could be translated as "Sex is faking it".That would make a lot more sense, because the actors have to pretend they like each other and that they like to have sex together while in reality they can't stand each other and don't want to do it.See more » I had certain expectations when reading the title of this movie.No, I didn't think it would be a porn movie, but I hoped it would be a light-footed comedy about relations and sex. It hasn't much to do with comedy or relationships.

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