Sex dating credit card

If this sounds familiar, a good approach for you is to first go after the cards with the lowest dollar balances.This way you'll quickly knock out cards with small balances.See also: Should you use savings to pay off credit card debt?Personally, I don't subscribe to this well-intentioned advice, mainly because it clearly doesn't work for most people.Perhaps you've got a wallet full of credit cards — so many in fact that you're struggling to juggle all these accounts.

So even though most financial advisers make the erroneous assumption that all consumers are upset about high interest rates, often that is not the case at all.As a result, you'll stay motivated enough to stick to your repayment plan.In the end, this is what will help to most quickly have zero balances on your credit card statements.There are three primary payoff techniques you can select, based on what ails you most.If you're facing exorbitant interest rates and they're killing you, then yes, by all means, concentrate on the high-rate debt first.

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