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The good amount of copper in the fruit makes iron available to the body.Apricot are useful in the healing of wounds, in expelling worms and as a general it promotes metabolism and prevents sugar (carbohydrates) from being converted into fat.The shoots, tendrils and leaves of the plant may be eaten as greens. It maintains the p H of the body and counteracts the acidity created in the stomach because of the intake of acidic foods.The mixture when applied to the scalp can also be used as a treatment for dandruff.Seeds of ash gourd are used as a home therapy to increase the sperm count.It can be applied externally with beneficial results in scabies, eczema, sun-burn and itching of the skin due to cold exposure.

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The earliest known use was in the Techuacn Valley of Mexico 10,000 years ago.

In 2013, saponin in agave schottii was being investigated for cancer treatment.

Nutrients in apricots can help protect the heart and eyes, as well as provide the disease fighting effects of fibre.

It is also an effective cure for pyorrhoea (bleeding of gums). The fruit is used to treat asthma, coughs, epilepsy, internal haemorrhage, lung diseases, urine retention and viral infections such as smallpox.

The juice of the fruit is effective in cases of mercury poisoning and snakebites. People who suffer from an abnormally small amount of hair growth can try roasting the rind and seeds and then mixing it with coconut oil.

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