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At 46, you've only twenty or so years left before that must be a consideration and you are inclining towards less than twenty percent of the recommended funds for even the basics of life. The hospitals already had me rated class 3 due to my low healthcare payload and I was constantly rubbing my last few dollars together, come end of pay-period. We just read your bio in Counter-Culture and to be frank, you can't do any better than that.

At the rate of low tech industry erosion, our computers show far less attractive times for you, Joe, particularly under-funded for nano-upgrades as you are, Sir. Lots of our paying clients have told us that the menu approach just isn't nearly as realistic as the free bio read approach and it shoots hell out of the mystery.

Future Domme Chapter 1 by Counterparts199 "Come on baby. " Joe flipped the channel changer, "Charlie's Dark Angels," were on channel 487, always seemingly a rerun.

The man, hairy chested, pot bellied, in nothing but a big, white, syntho-cotton diaper, hesitated as if in fear, but then toddled over and laid across her well dressed knee and quietly wailed big tears as she paddled him with a hairbrush. Never know when you'll have to show up your brightest whites!

It was the rage, strong women, now that the fact that 78% of all college graduates were women, and the economic tables had finally turned on top as well.

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Shoot, last week I'd even gotten an internet spam out of my electric socket, the whole house humming, "Come to Femworld. It struck me that the only time I ever gotten to speak with my real sister, her using her real voice, was when we met at her place to meet another one of her friends in hopes of hitching me up after my 6th divorce.Or, be all that you can be, and make a career of it. Sign a title 47, and thumb that nag on the way out the door, Mister!Femworld is for men like you, ready for a challenge and adventure of a lifetime! " I'd been dead on my ass after a long day at the warehouse, and in bed, and the electric wires in my house had done that to me, making my house into a boombox. "Got an old fashioned girl who goes by the name of Ellis who wants to meet my brother! Stop hiding behind that computer screen and get over here tomorrow at sevenish!Remember, we have the exclusive pay as you go option, assuming the usual fees related to time of adventure. I'd love to get my hands on the Congressman who allowed the electric company to get into the internet business, a service I didn't even subscribe to, and yet they'd found a way to make the AC wrapped into my rooms into a speaker coil for just long enough to deny it, just to make use of the low-spead. I'll have my boytoy Hal cook synth-lobster with butter bursts, your favorite.Surrounded by the women of your dreams and likeminded peers. " I'd turned down the normal speaker volume, and the 'Windows 2044 PMS' icon, and the sound chip and everything else I could, but along with the text and dancing gnomes off of my main screen, I still got blaring sound for both my incoming phone calls and those annoying spams. We may be divorced next month, but he's still the best cook I've ever had, so why not use him to help get my brother hitched; besides, I think we might even make an arrangement after we divorce; for the cooking, that is." She laughed. " She made way better money than me, but because I'd never thought of a woman keeping someone who wasn't at least contracted or indentured, it startled me some.

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