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But it's Thailand which grabbed the top spot with 56% of the population admitting to being unfaithful.Thailand has a whole host of being unfaithful including the traditional mia noi (minor wife).More than one-third of people residing in Copenhagen have been unfaithful to their partners.Despite that almost half those who are married admit having an affair.The younger generation also enjoys the casual kik culture where men and women have extra friends they spend time with aside from their partners. There has also been a growing sex-for-sale culture which is mainly aimed at men in massage parlours, clubs and brothels.But in 2012 when a Durex survey suggested women were more adulterous than men they faced a backlash from the Thai media.She said: ‘It is no longer a “wrong” that allows the injured party to request separating due to the wrongs of the infidel,’ she says. The Gallic people have always been thought of as fairly open-minded when it comes to matters of the heart.

According to magazine New Europe, Belgian married dating website Gleeden boasts 1.1million members, with advisor Chantal Bauwens saying cheating is no longer taboo in the country. But when the mercury rises it seems that so does Norwegians promiscuity.

France is the only country in which most people believe affairs are morally acceptable and only 28 per cent of adulterers said they regretted their affairs.

When President Hollande was accused of nipping off on a scooter in the middle of the night to see his mistress his poll ratings, rather than take a nosedive, actually went up.

They’ve even got a nifty gadget you can borrow to ensure you don’t go astray.

Once you’ve made it back in one piece, refuel at the cafeteria with a meal and beer on the open terrace or satisfy immediate munchies at the fast food kiosk – this being Belgium, it has to be national fave chips and mayo if you want to fit in with the locals.

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