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If you choose to talk about it, you'll have to pass two fairly easy speech checks before having to pay him some money back, but better to skip those and offer him the money right away.He will always accept 0 (or 0 if you pass a barter check).Fannie Mae is a 'hostess' working in the Malamute Saloon.After you pay for her services, () she will tell you a sad story and ask for even more money to pay off a debt she owes.

Leave the map and when you come back Fannie Mae is gone.

A bad joke gives no reward.) 0-350 (it seems to vary) every week and 150xp the first time as a female dancer.

(CH 7, AG 7, or being a porn star.) Black leather and/or the ball gag are items that have a slight effect on dancing. *Old Man Mc Gee is the guy standing in front of a slot machine in the Shark Club.

If you play his machine and hit the jack pot, he will get angry and demand that you give him the winnings, or he'll attack.

If you don't have CH 9, the Good natured trait, or speech over 35, you won't get the chance to talk your way out of the situation. You can give him the money for 10 karma, or convince him to accept half of the money for 5 karma, and he will be happy.

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