Sexy 1 on 1 free text chat

https:// When you first start texting the a girl character, they just spit out random stuff that makes people go, huh?

Also, in some of the text that said they sent, but there isn't any there (I don't know if it is a bug or the developers haven't put them in yet), and they ask you to respond but what's the point in responding if they don't even pay attention to your response.

BTDTGTS — Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt 71. BYOB — Bring Your Own Bottle (or Bring Your Own Beer) 75.

DWPKOTL — Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips 102.

The new guys are really special, they are sexy and handsome, you have to meet John and Akio, so cute and fun, they love to ask questions, so be ready!

Learn the best way to text message a girl and boy you like.

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There are literally over 1,000 abbreviations, but listed below are 232 for a man’s survival and success on the internet and on your cell phone. All in all its a wonderful game (I especially like all the sexual questions that come out of no where) Love the game buy the girls just shoot out random questions.One sec they ask what that would best in (you type in your response) then they completely change the subject to something random like "It's raining out here, wanna join? And also make to where if you ask them something like "Hey send me a pic of you" or "hey send me a nude pic of you" or something they at least provide an accurately correct response. Thx Great little texting game, wish they would stay somewhat on topic, wish they could send pictures of what you ask for because if you actually want to see the girl in any way you want you should be able to because it needs to be as realistic as possible.The girls and boys will send you thousands and thousands of unique, cute messages.The messages grow more intimate and personal as time moves on, but it’s your opportunity to continue to grow the relationship. Experiment, and see what it’s like to really be in love with these cute girls - Seri, Ayumi, Nina, Larisa, Melanie, Sachi, Kai, Sato and Karin.

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