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Above all someone that does not have a hidden past that might come back to bite us in the butt...

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but a gf that may lead to a life long relationship between the 3 of under 1 roof when time is right ( and yes me and smurf are willing to do the moving)....raising any and all offspring as 1 big open loving family..we want is a triad...

I'll be your slut, your whore or everything you want me to be.

I'll get on my knees and venerate you like a goddess, you'll be able to use me, abuse me, rape me!

This group also welcomes Gorean Lifestylers, Old Guard Lifestylers, and any other dynamic where there is a Dominant and a submissive.

Hello ,31M Half French/arab from dubai , i'm wondering if you're interested in having a male slave at your feet, i'd be honored to fill this role for you.

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