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After he graduated from Oxford University, Davies joined the BBC's children's department in 1985 on a part-time basis and worked in varying positions, including writing and producing two series, Dark Season and Century Falls.He left the BBC in the early 1990s to work for Granada Television and later became a freelance writer.

Because he was born by C-section, his mother was placed on a morphine drip and was institutionalised after an overdose resulted in a psychotic episode.He submitted a script for Crossroads in response to an appeal for new writers; it was not used because the show was cancelled in 1987.He ultimately abandoned his graphic art career entirely when he realised in his early twenties that he enjoyed writing the dialogue of a comic more than creating the art.He also immersed himself in books such as Sons and Lovers by D. Lawrence and The Crystal Mouse by Babs H Deal; the latter influenced him so much he could "see it echoing in anything" he wrote.At age 14, he auditioned for and joined the newly formed West Glamorgan Youth Theatre Company (WGYTC).

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